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Courtney Watson Holds Successful Fundraiser:

Watson Fundraiser pdf

Mona 11/2/2009, 21042


Columbia Elections 2009 - Top Two races: Long Reach and Wilde Lake Columbia Council. Howard County Issues endorses Russ Swatek in Long Reach and Phil Kirsch in Wilde Lake. Both are good examples of candidates working for citizens

Mona 4/11/2009, 21042


Republican is running in Howard Council District 2 - Calvin Ball's current seat. Visit for more details.

Mona 3/1/2009, 21042


School Board Candidates handle more than half of the county budget, and those occupying School Board positions often seek higher political office, having gained access through the powerful incumbency gateway. For these reasons it's important to know who you're voting for. Allen Dyer has worked for citizens, using experience, a law degree, and a strong sense of fairness in his intelligent efforts to advance Democracy. For these reasons we thoroughly support his candidacy. Also, Diane Butler has been a tireless supporter of parents and teachers in addition to the many hours she volunteers for others. For these reasons, we also support her candidacy for Board of Education.

Mona, 21042


The best person is not always the winning candidate. Steve Wallis and those who worked with him in his campaign are to be congratulated for running a clean and honest race. The residents of Howard County have every reason to be be thankful that we were offered an out standing choice for County Executive. I wish Steve and his family success and happiness with their future endeavors.

Jim, 21042


The zoning board voting record and private land deal docs were posted below in order to provide the truth to voters. The land deal occurred while Merdon was on the zoning board, is significant in size, negotiated with a large developers, and when combined with the campaign funds from developers, represents a solid relationship overshadowing any citizen representation. The second document is a set of voting records, each is a copy of the first page of the zoning item and followed by Mr. Merdon’s affirming signature (a dissent will show dissention rather than a signature).

If Mr. Merdon had been honest about his voting record and land deal, these documents wouldn’t have appeared on this website

Mona Brinegar, Unaffiliated/Independent Voters,


What does this statement and documents about Chris Merdon prove?

David, 21043


Dunn is Qualified to Be on County Council
Mona Brinegar, Unaffiliated/Independent Voters,

During the Clinton years, debate swirled around whether or not character mattered in evaluating elected officials. Now, during the Bush years, it’s clear that nothing could matter more. The ability to handle power responsibly is monumentally important in evaluating potential elected leaders. Trustworthiness is earned through behavior and actions, not rhetoric. Intelligence, energy, and experience combine to compose a candidate to support.
Don Dunn is such a candidate in the 5th District Council race.

More>>> Read the full letter published in The View


Response to Merdon's Claims
Mona Brinegar, Unaffiliated/Independent Voters,

Documents supporting claims about Chris Merdon's voting record and large
private land deal have been posted below, after word of his denials.

Additionally, the Sun article wherein Greg Fox is quoted as available
"anywhere and everywhere" for voters also is not true, based on first hand
experience with his dismissing the Unaffiliated/Independent Voter group

In support of knowing what candidates have actually done, rather than what
they promise, setting the record straight is important.

Below are the documents Chris Merdon claims are fabricated in recent letters to the editor.

Scan1.pdf (1 page, 200 Kb)
Zoningdecisions.pdf (44 pages, 8.3 MB)


Electing leaders who represent citizens
Mona Brinegar, Unaffiliated/Independent Voters,

Four candidates have been identified by the Unaffiliated / Independent Voters in Howard County who successfully meet the platform requirements
for the organization: Electing leaders who represent citizens.

Kevin Zeese, Steve Wallis, Don Dunn have worked tirelessly for citizens through long-term contributions in a variety of formats. These three have
demonstrated a commitment to citizen advocacy, a commitment to not accept large dollar special interest money, and have employed extraordinary
intelligence, energy, and integrity in building campaigns to disseminate information about their candidacies. These three are exceptional public
servants, and are the candidates to support.

Donna Thewes has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to citizens and thus far has accepted no large dollar special interest money. Donna is a
committed public servant, and is clearly a candidate of interest for voters interested in citizen advocacy.

All four candidates are highlighted speakers on Monday, October 16, 2006 at the Central Library in Columbia 7-9pm, open to the public. Visit or call 443 889-9070 for more information.

This will be the final speaker meeting in a series of presentations to the public, sponsored by the Unaff/Indep Voters in Howard County. These
presentations provide a method for viable candidates and grassroots leaders to disseminate information to voters without the requirement for
large dollar campaign funds.


Wallis Can Be Trusted as County Executive
Mona Brinegar, Unaffiliated/Independent Voters,

Many citizens are deeply concerned about the trustworthiness of candidates running for public office. There is a way to determine who we can trust, with near formulaic accuracy: Focus on what they’ve done rather than what they say.

For example, two of the candidates for the top office in the county, the County Executive office, had the public trust during their council tenure.

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Voters Have a Viable Alternative in Wallis
Mona Brinegar,
August 9, 2006

We are all citizen voters of the same class. One vote per person, all voters enjoy equal importance. These are the parameters under which we operate, but it’s possible that our elected leaders are focusing elsewhere, acting on priorities that conflict with those parameters.

Nearly two dozen cases have been decided by the Zoning Board since mid 2003, and the two council members running for County Executive have voted affirmatively on every case record obtainable, no matter the level of citizen disagreement. You’d have to go back to records from Mary Lorsung, Alan Kittleman and others to find dissentions.

More>>> Read the full letter published in The View and Howard County Times


“I believe that I’d bring some relevant years of public service, success, and respect to the position of Howard County Executive.” In the spirit of collaboration, I would focus on how best to improve the quality of life throughout the county, attempting everyday to make a difference.

“My goals would revolve around the importance of ideas and specific issues affecting Howard County, as well as my breadth of experience, success, and respect earned……and not so much on big money, campaign funding and the age-old rhetoric associated with party line democrats and republicans.”

Steve Wallis
Independent Candidate for Howard County Executive





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