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Please see Political Candidates link for our choice to support Allen Dyer and Diane Butler for Board of Education Nov 4, 2008

[Nov 2006]First, I want to give a big THANK YOU again to everyone that voted for me in the Primary! I still believe that many people are looking for real change on the Board of Education (BOE). Education spending accounts for over 60% of our county's budget. It is interesting that about only third of our county's residents have children in the Howard County Public School System. I feel that at least one BOE member should be a
representative for that other two thirds or the "average" Howard County citizen.

It is time for new ideas about redistricting and school equity. Redistricting 1400 kids next year is a lot of redistricting. Does it make any sense to you that students that live across the street from Glenwood Middle or the new North Eastern Elementary Schools should go to another school? The facilities inventory must be completed so that we can develop a master plan for future renovation/repairs of our schools. I support the
"The School System of the Future" initiative that was proposed last week and will work with private businesses to help make it a reality.

The expansion of our Board of Education provides the opportunity to add members to the Board who have backgrounds and experiences that will both complement each other and help us to deal with future issues. My goal is to see that all Howard County Public Schools have the same or similar facilities for our students, regardless of the location of the school. Every child in our county deserves a well-maintained school.

I have been a resident of Sykesville in western Howard County since 1971. I am a 1984 graduate of Glenelg High School and have been involved with many local and ag groups in the community. I feel that I can represent the interests of the citizens of Howard County and can bring a much needed business perspective to the BOE.

Depending on the outcome of the District 4 County Council race, it looks very likely that the next County Executive will be appointing a sixth BOE member to fill Mary Kay Sigaty's BOE term. I have filed as a write-in candidate with the Board of Elections and a strong presence in the November elections would be a positive sign for the next County Executive. I would appreciate your support on your November ballot, please consider
Don Marston Jr.

P.S. Since I am a write-in candidate, the spelling of my name must be written in exactly on your absentee ballot or typed in exactly on your
election day ballot under the write-in option. We want your votes to count!


VOTE ZOU IN 2006!!!

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