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Businesses We Like

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The Mowerman - They fix your lawn equipment at your house, whether or not you are home, and they do a fantastic job for a relatively small fee

Invisible Fence Dog Containment - Excellent product, excellent service

Avis Car Rental in Ellicott City - Excellent service

Patuxent Publishing - local news, prints nearly all letters to editor

Chatham US Cleaners - Excellent job, Excellent service, Doesn't loose or damage articles

The Subway on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City - better tuna than other Subway locations

Waverly Woods Weis - has new smaller carts, good promotions

TypeStyles - Highest quality business cards

Dr. Jenkins & Rudo,DDS - Can't imagine a better Orthodontic experience

Verizon Internet&TV service - has many more channels, seemless to switch over to them (when they eventually did show up)

Dr. Boesche, Chiro - Excellent Chiropratic, great hours




Howard County Issues, Howard County, Maryland